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Our lifestyle brands offer highly curated guest experiences that align with current travel habits, including work/leisure stays, prioritizing sustainability initiatives, integrated technologies, and immersive cultural connection.

A photo of the iconic Ace Hotel Portland lobby
A photo of the iconic Ace Hotel Portland lobby
  • A beloved gem in the heart of Seattle, Mayflower Park Hotel was built in 1927 and stands as a testament to its enduring beauty and the city’s deep love for preserving a piece of Pacific Northwest history. Honoring its past, Mayflower Park Hotel polishes up to invite a new generation of guests and locals through its doors for another 90 years of radiant service.
    An exterior photo of the entry to Mayflower Park HotelA photo inside the lavish Mayflower Park HotelAnother interior photo of the Mayflower Park Hotel
  • Housed in a historic New Orleans 1890 building, The Frenchmen is a celebration of the rebellious and generative art movements of that time. Warm, unrestrained, and welcoming, the hotel exudes the sharing of ideas, food, drink, and camaraderie found in eras of abundant creativity and freedom of expression.
    The Frenchman logo atop an abstract watercolor paintingA photo of a pool courtyard at The Frenchman
  • Created for a multi-generational community of alumni who wear their colors proud, Alum offers luxury residential membership and accommodation for collegiate celebration. It’s a clubhouse elevated, one that combines nostalgia with the refinement of evolved taste.


    • Eugene, OR
    • Tuscaloosa, AL
    • College Station, TX
    • Columbia, SC
    • Columbus, OH
    • Athens, GA
    • Ann Arbor, MI
    • Norman, OK
    A concept rendering of a beautifully architected Alum locationA concept rendering of a high end bedroom carefully furnished at an Alum locationA concept rendering of a chic sitting room in an Alum location
  • Situated at the intersection of mountain and sea, The Farm Carpinteria is a community-driven hotel, restaurant, and regenerative sea-side farm, that takes a holistic approach to nurturing the land and its visitors. It’s an experience that takes into intimate consideration our relationship to nature, offering food, wellness, and lodging that restores balance. 

    A concept sketch of The Farm Carpinteria propertyA photo from The Farm Carpinteria propertyA photo from The Farm Carpinteria property area