A talent addressing the evolution of financial services.

Sortis Holdings is a former bank holding company. We sold our banking assets in 2016 to focus on investment in the fintech space. While we embrace disruption in the financial industry, the regulatory environment still demands a level of infrastructure and compliance that is initially out of reach for many young fintech companies.

A foundation in Banking

We not only appreciate regulatory challenges, we understand how to create efficient solutions within them. At the core of our infrastructure is Sortis Financial, a wholly owned subsidiary that is a technology-driven platform licensed as a servicer, lender and debt collector. A ready-made regulatory and operational infrastructure that enables scaling for our proprietary online lending products and also enables partnerships with other emerging fintech companies.

Harnessing technology to power growth

Sortis Holdings invests in emerging fintech companies with unique products and provides them access to our knowledge, technology and resources – regulatory and operational. Our platform and value proposition provides these portfolio companies with the ability to greatly speed their time to market and benefit from the paradigm shift underway in the financial industry.

Our Partners make us stronger

Sortis Holdings continuously enhances our technology-driven platform through cross-pollination among our portfolio companies, identifying innovative technology and resources that can be shared to achieve stronger performance. Our synergistic strategy adds value, creates a platform that anticipates the direction and needs of an evolving fintech market and positions Sortis Holdings for long-term success.


We are dedicated to delivering a superior client experience driven by technology and coupled with strong relationships, hard work, ethical dealings and creative solutions.

Client Focus.

The best results are the product of strong relationships with our clients and partners. We engage in long-term commitments and strives to provide the assistance and accessibility needed to achieve success.

Hard Work.

We work hard so our clients do not need to. Developing solutions tailored to each situation requires time, attention and dedication, and we make every effort to promote the best possible outcomes.


We respect and upholds the rights of our clients and partners. We are committed to engaging in fair and responsible business practices and instilling confidence in all parties.


We generate unique ideas, actionable strategies and innovative tools to increase the end-benefit to our clients. We inject creativity into even the most complex transactions, resulting in greater clarity, simplicity and customization.

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Business Lines


Sortis Holdings strategically invests in fintech companies and partnerships. We are actively seeking new opportunities to expand our portfolio. We are focused on early-stage investment where we can bring the value of our platform in addition to financial investment. To be considered as a candidate for investment, drop us a line.


Sortis Capital offers advisory services in the financial services and real estate space. We specialize in debt and equity capital placement, strategic capital advisory and distressed situations for lower middle market companies. Leveraging decades of experience, our team has executed more than $10 billion in total advisory transactions. To learn more about our advisory services, go to Sortis Capital, or get in touch.

Fund Management

Sortis Financial administers an unleveraged, evergreen real estate asset-backed mortgage pool investment Fund focused on creating high yielding fixed income returns that are backed by liens on various classes of real estate. Equity membership units in the Fund are offered through a Regulation D private placement securities offering to accredited investors.

Leveraging our banking background and experience we selectively put funds to work in an environment that is demonstrating high demand for financing that traditional financial institutions cannot provide. To learn more about our Fund, send us a note.


Sortis Financial provides a superior customer experience for technology-enabled real estate investment and alternative lending products, mortgage loan servicing and mortgage pool investment. Lending products include Fix and Flip, Fix and Rent, Residential Non-Owner and Small Balance Commercial.  Sortis Financial leverages our highly capable, technology enabled platform and our lending expertise to provide a transparent, efficient process for investors and real estate professionals. To learn more about our lending services, go to Sortis Financial, or get in touch.

Loan Servicing

Sortis Financial is re-inventing mortgage loan servicing by providing exceptional customer service by delivering smooth and simple user experience and decades of hands-on experience in the mortgage and finance industries. Knowledgeable advisors are poised to assist and each is well versed in various loan types, mortgage parameters, our lending system and client needs. To learn how to benefit from Sortis Financial servicing solutions, visit us at Sortis Financial, or send us a note.